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House Challenge

Phillips Middle School House System

About our Houses

The Phillips Middle School House System is designed to connect students both within and across grades six through eight via a common identity, cause and activity. Houses offer students and teachers the opportunity to work with one another outside of the academic arena, and through various competitions that promote a healthy sense of school spirit.  Within each House students will establish connections that transcend classrooms and grade levels. Houses also provide middle school students with leadership opportunities through positions on our House Council and through the organization of school-wide activities.

The origins of the British educational House System date back to the 1850’s. Phillips’ Houses will promote a Growth Mindset in our students and staff. Students and staff will be divided into four Houses. In these Houses, they will compete in challenges. The prestigious House Cup will be won at the end of the year by the House that accrues the most points from competitions. Houses are named for characteristics of Growth Mindset:

During our inaugural year, Phillips students were initiated into the House System during our House Spirit Week, March 23-27, 2015.  

Students remain in their particular Houses for their entire Middle School tenure. Beginning in the fall of 2015, rising 6th graders and new enrollees will be sorted into Houses during the fall Sorting Ceremony. Per the traditional House System custom, some scholars are sorted into Houses as a “legacy” (put into the same House as an older sibling).

Earning House Points

Each House will have opportunities to earn points for their House. Points will be given daily based on individual displays of Growth Mindset.  Houses will also be able to earn points during quarterly House Challenges.  Individual scholars can earn House points through displaying exceptional character.  House points will accumulate throughout the school year.  The House with the greatest number of House points at the end of the year will win the coveted House Cup.

The chart below shows current, "live" standings 
for each house in the Phillips House Challenge.