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Phillips FAQ

Guy B. Phillips Middle School


General Info

What are the transportation options for my student?

  • Students may ride a bus to school, ride a bike to school, be driven to school, or even walk to school.
  • If your child lives in a designated “walk zone,” they do not need permission to walk to school.
  • If your child lives in a bus zone, they will need written permission from you to walk to school.
  • Students wishing to leave with another student at the end of the school day or wishing to ride a bus other than the one assigned to them will need written permission from a parent to do so.

Is there supervision for students who arrive before the first bell or stay on campus after school?

  • School begins at 8:15. Students should arrive no earlier than 7:50 and may not be on campus after bus dismissal at 3:20 unless involved in an after-school activity. Supervision before 7:50 and after 3:30 is not guaranteed.

What time does school start on delayed openings?

  • The middle school day begins at 10:20.
  • Students may arrive no earlier than 9:45 am.

What are the drop off procedures for car circle?

  • Students must be ready to depart as cars pull to the curb and must exit curbside.
  • Please maintain a single line of traffic as passing is extremely unsafe and is not allowed.
  • For safety reasons, please do not drop your student off in the staff parking lot.

What are pick up procedures for car circle?

  • Students will be dismissed to the car circle at 3:15 pm.
  • Please note that any changes in dismissal procedures for your student must be submitted in writing to the main office. This includes them being picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian. The individual must present identification to administrative staff before your student will be released.

Where is visitor parking located?

  • The main entrance lot
  • in car circle except for certain hours

When can you park in the bus lot?

  • Parents are not allowed to park in the bus loop. Please park in designated parking spaces.

Where is the overflow parking for Phillips special events?

  • There is overflow parking in the Estes Hills Elementary School parking lot next door.

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When will my child find out who his or her teacher is?

  • Rising 6th graders will find out at 6th grade Orientation
  • Rising 7th and 8th graders will find out on the first day of school.

Will my child's teachers communicate requests for additional supplies?

  • All teachers are expected to keep an updated website which will contain a “wish list” section to make parents aware of any additional supplies that are needed.  Here is a list of generic school supplies. 

How do parents navigate Open House?

  • Parents should report to their student's assigned Prime Time class where they will receive a copy of their students daily schedule.
  • Announcements will be made via television and the school's PA (public announcement) system.
  • A bell will then ring indicating the start of the “school day.”
  • Parents will travel to each of their student's classes spending about 20 minutes in each, getting to meet the teacher.
  • As each bell sounds parents will continue to change classes moving through their student's entire schedule. Announcements will also be made to assist students with transitions.

What forms must be turned in at the beginning of school?

  • Health forms
  • student information forms
  • all physicals for student athletes

When will student directories be available?

  • Sometime in the late fall after paperwork can be collected from those wishing to participate
  • student directories are a collaboration between the PTSA and Phillips staff

Missing School

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Who do I notify if my child is going to be absent or tardy?

  • Call the school office at 919-929-2188 extension 31221 or 31222 and leave a message.
  • Send a note following the absence to your child's homeroom teacher indicating the child's full name, date, and the reason for the absence.

What is the procedure for picking a child up before dismissal or returning them after an off site appointment?

  • To sign a student out before the end of the school day, you will need to report tot he main office and sign in. At that time the student will be called from class by main office staff.
  • When a student comes back after an appointment, they must report directly to the main office to sign in and obtain a pass to class.

Do I need to notify my child's teacher if he or she will miss class?

  • You will need to call the school to let the office know and then send a note on the first day your child returns with the child's full name, date, and the reason for the absence.

How can my child make up work missed during an absence?

  • Contact individual teachers for missed assignments.
  • Generally, students have three days to make up missed assignments following an absence.

Common School Day Questions

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How much homework can my child expect on an average school day?

  • The recommended amount of homework is ten times the student's grade level.
  • For example, sixth grade students may have one hour of homework; seventh graders may have an hour and ten minutes; and eighth graders may have up to one hour and twenty minutes of homework per night.

How can I add money to my child's lunch account?

  • Parents can pay for their student's lunches online or in the school's cafeteria.
  • Online access can be obtained from K-12 Payment Center.
  • You can add money to your student account at any point during the year in the cafeteria.

Can I have lunch with my child during the school day?

  • You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child during his/ her lunch period as long as you sign in at the main office first.

How can I access my student's lunch/ id number?

  • Feel free to ask any one of the child's teachers, counselors, or personnel at the front office will have access to PowerSchool, and can access that information for a parent. Also,that information is provided on the Student Information Verification Form sent home on the first day of school.
  • The ID number can is also displayed in the Parent Portal of Powerschool

How can I access the Lost and Found?

  • The Lost and Found is located in the hall around the corner from the main office or in the school's cafeteria.
  • Students can check for lost items before or after school or during Prime Time.
  • Please note that labeling your child's books, backpacks, and personal items will limit your trips to the Lost and Found

What is Activity Period?

  • It is a period of about twenty minutes which will precede or follow your child's lunch time, during which your child can exercise or just socialize with friends. Weather permitting, Activity Period is held outside.

When can my student visit the Phillips Media Center?

  • Teachers will take students as a class to work on projects as needed during the school year.
  • Students may also visit the Media Center individually during the school day with a pass from a teacher.
  • Students can also visit the Media Center before school with a pass obtained their morning waiting area. (Note: There will be a limited number of students allowed to go at this time of the day. Passes are given out on a first come first served basis).
  • Students can also receive a pass from their ELA teacher to visit the library during activity time.
  • Additionally, students may visit the Media Center after school until 3:30 pm.

How does Phillips encourage positive behavior through the PBIS program?

  • Rubrics have been established with guidelines for behavior in all areas of the building, and these rubrics have been posted throughout the building.
  • Teachers will review these guidelines with students throughout the year.
  • Incentives are also provided throughout the year to reward students who continue to abide by the Positive Behavior Intervention Support guidelines.

Are there rules surrounding student electronics?

  • Students are not to have cell phones or other electronics out during the school day.
  • Electronics will be confiscated if they are seen or heard during the school day (7:50 am. to 3:10 pm.)
  • Upon a first offense, the student will be allowed to pick up the electronic from the main office at the end of the school day.
  • After the first offense, a parent or guardian will have to pick up their student's item in the main office.
  • Please note: Lost or stolen phones or electronics are not the responsibility of the Phillips staff or administration and incidences of lost or stolen electronics will be investigated minimally.

Will my child remember to share important information with me related to school and extra-curricular activities?

  • Not all students share that information with parents in a timely way. Therefore it is highly recommended that you check your child's planner on a daily basis.
  • Be aware that you will also receive weekly phone messages and emails from the principal making you aware of important upcoming events. For that reason it is very important that you keep your contact information with the school updated and accurate.
  • Teacher Web sites should be up and running at the start of the year and will provide yet another avenue for information about upcoming events.

How is hands-on technology incorporated at Phillips?

  • Technology use through relevant instruction, computer labs, and mobile labs are available for use.

Who can I contact if I think my child might benefit from tutoring?

  • Begin with the teacher. Keeping an open line of communication can help increase the effectiveness of the overall educational program for your child.
  • If you still feel that your child needs assistance, then contact the school's PBSS chair.

Why are student organizational skills so important and how can I encourage them in my child?

  • Student organizational skills are important, not just during middle school, but throughout life. A student's organization can mean the difference between assignments being handed in or not being handed in, and can impact success in the classroom.
  • It is much easier for a teacher to assess a student's abilities and grasp of concepts accurately when classwork and homework are turned in on time.
  • Checking in with your student on a daily basis to see what assignments are due, and what they learned daily may organize student's thinking and assist you both in planning ahead.
  • Encourage your student to make daily “to do” lists to organize their after school time.
  • Remain in contact with your child's teachers and counselor in order to keep the lines of communication open and to report any concerns you might have regarding your child's success.

What is the difference between an EOG and an EOC?

  • All students in grades 3-8 are given an End of Grade Test (EOG) in reading and math. Students in grades 5 and 8 are also given a Science EOG.
  • EOGs are sometimes used to make grade placement decisions.
  • End of Course tests (EOC) are mainly given in high school, but will effect middle school students who are enrolled in Math I.
  • EOCs are used to make course placement decisions.

When are progress reports and report cards sent home with students?

  • Student report cards are sent home every nine weeks, and progress reports are available online through Powerschool throughout the school year.

Will I be notified if my child is missing assignments?

  • It is the expectation that the faculty at Phillips are communicating regularly with parents, particularly if there are concerns regarding a student's academic or emotional success at school.

Extra-curricular Activities

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Where can I find information about sports tryouts?

  • Here is where you will find information regarding Phillips Athletics. 

Which school sports are offered at Phillips?

  • Volleyball, soccer, baseball, tennis, field hockey, football, cheer leading, lacrosse, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, track and field, cross-country, and wrestling

What extra-curricular activities are offered at Phillips?

  • We have both academic and social clubs at Phillips including all of the athletics offered.
  • Science Olympiad, Mathcounts, Battle of the Books, Band, Orchestra, Chorus,

What should my child bring to a school dance?

  • Permission slip (available on the Web site)
  • entry money
  • money for concessions

How do I pick up my child from a school dance?

  • Students who attend school dances should be picked up by parents beginning at 9 pm sharp.
  • Staggered times for pick up will be announced prior to each dance.

What kind of supervision is available during school dances?

  • Parent volunteers as well as Phillips faculty and staff provide supervision from 6-9:30 pm.

Phillips Organizations

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What is the School Improvement Team?

  • A body composed of teachers, staff, parents, and administrators who seek to create and support the vision laid out in the School Improvement Plan.

What is the Booster Club?

  • The GuyBPhillips Middle School Booster ClubIncis a not-for-profit organization formed to support the athletic programs at GuyB. PhillipsMiddleSchool. The all-volunteer Booster Club organizes fundraising events, school dances, and other activities to raise money to support the school’s student-athletes through sponsorship of athletic competitions, purchase of needed equipment, facility improvements, special one-time team expenses and other critical activities. 

What is the PTSA?

  • The Phillips PTSA is a parent teacher association which works to better the educational experience of all of Phillips students. All parents are encouraged to become members and to contribute what they can to the efforts of the PTA.

How can I access school merchandise (magnets, t-shirts, etc.)?

  • You will find a list of Phillips merchandise and a price list on the Phillips PTSA website, which can also be accessed through the Phillips website.
  • Merchandise will also be sold at some school events.

Contacting Phillips Staff

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Who do I contact to report bullying or other student misconduct?

  • Begin with the school counselor and teacher regarding what took place.
  • If issues persist, report to the Assistant Principal, Tiffany Cheshire, at extension 31223, or Principal, Drew Ware at extension 31225, or if necessary, the school's Resource Officer, Jon McKerlie at 31242 to report your concerns.
  • Note: If you feel that an incident requires immediate attention, please call, instead of emailing.